Use Baking Soda To Cleanse

Sea salt and baking soda enema is used to cleanse the body when procedures as x-rays, endoscopy, surgery and other gastronomical procedures are performed. The sea salt and the baking soda are products of phosphorus are very vital to the growth of every organ in the body. The enema is used to eradicate constipation and many other functions which all cannot be listed. It use also extends to the after surgery care where several conditions must be taken care of for a comfortable and faster healing. The use of this enema should be strictly under the doctor’s advice and should not be used by persons who have kidney problems, cardiac complications, punctured or blocked colon, expectant and imbalance in the ion composition in the body or have been restricted in using any form of salt as people with hypertension. Great care should be taken when using this enema procedure for deadly toxicity can occur when using this enema.

baking soda enema

In case you have used the sea salt and baking soda enema and you experience any of the following side effect you should consult a medical expert immediately. The side effects could include; bleeding in the rectum, rigidity of the bowel after passing stool or losing fragility or sores around you rectum. These are mild side effects but there are more serious ones like which should cause alarm to you; bloated and painful stomach, nausea, vomiting, very rigid throat and severe continuous headaches. And in case you notice any of the following symptoms know that you have overdosed your self and should stop the enema immediately and contact a doctor; hydration leading unending thirst, diarrhea, dry mouth, increased pulse, mental blankness, fainting and having periodical seizures.

There are several precautions that should be taken when administering sea salt and baking soda enema to avoid overdosing or triggering other problems. The enema should not be use by children under two years; and children’s dosage should be minimal compared to the adults, expectant mothers and to some extent the lactating ones despite there being no evidence of the effect. It should be clearly know that the rectal solutions should in no time be used as oral even if the chemicals in them are same. For or solutions they should be taken on empty stomachs so as to increase the effectiveness.

Also great care should be observed when interacting the sea salt and baking soda enema with other chemical or medical substances. The enema can react dangerously with the following drugs; chloroquine, antidepressants, psychiatric medications, cardiac pacers and all narcotics. If you mix the sea salt and baking solution with any of the above you risk death whether it is oral or rectal. So you should consult the medical experts before using the enema while have used or using any of the said chemicals. The listed drugs are not the only one hence an exclusive chat with the doctor to include even food substances should be sort. Your action assures you of your safety.