What Can I Do To Increase Semen Volume

A low sperm count may inhibit fertility and, therefore, the ability of a couple to conceive. When this is the case, men experiencing a low sperm count are encouraged to discuss their condition with a fertility specialist. There may be certain things that one can do at home to improve their sperm count.

Couples experiencing infertility are encouraged to discuss their condition with a trained professional at a reputable fertility clinic. A specialist will work with the couple and perform certain tests in determining the cause of infertility. A number of factors may affect fertility and may be to blame for infertility. If a low number of sperm is thought to be the cause, men should explore all possible options for improving their sperm count.

The first thing that men must understand is that sperm begin to die at hotter temperatures. When the body’s temperature is too hot, the testicles move away from the body to guard the sperm from the hot temperatures. If anything interferes with the body’s ability to protect sperm, sperm may die and your count may be low.

Wearing boxer shorts allows the testicles more room to move away from the body to protect the sperm. Briefs do not allow much room for the testicles to move and keep the testicles closer to the body. A high fever may cause sperm to die off because of the increased body temperature. Sperm tends to last around three months, so allowing sperm to increase after a high fever before trying to conceive may be recommended.

Hot tubs and hot baths may kill sperm because one’s body temperature rises in them. Avoiding hot tubs and baths may help to avoid a low count of sperm.

Certain medical procedures and treatments may also be effective. Varicoceles are varicose veins on the testicles and hold hot blood that can heat the testicles. This may lead to a reduced sperm-count and can inhibit fertility. Have these veins removed surgically by a trained doctor.

How to increase semen volume

Hormone treatments may also be effective in increasing sperm count. Men experiencing a low sperm amount are encouraged to speak with a trained professional regarding possible hormone treatments that may improve sperm count.

If these treatments and home remedies are not successful in raising sperm count, men should speak with a fertility specialist about other treatments and procedures. Certain fertility treatments may be used to help the couple conceive in these cases.