Selecting The Right Medical Alert System

As the population ages, the range of services for seniors increases. The medical alarm is one of those pieces of technology that has grown in popularity. Where there were once only a few businesses offering medical alert systems, there are now dozens. So, how does one choose the best medical alarm out of the many options available?

One of the most important features of a medical alert is the monitoring service. If an individual has made the decision that they need an alert system, then they have made the decision that they may need outside help in case of an emergency. If the monitoring system fails or is unsatisfactory, then the alert system is inadequate. A monitoring system should be a monitoring centre, not be a direct call to 911. Many people who utilize medical alert systems simply require outside support such as a friend or family member, not emergency services. A monitoring service can provide this support. Secondly, the provider of the medical alarm should own the monitoring service. This way, the professionals who answer the alarm are qualified by the standards of the medical alarm company.

Medical alert systems should be easy to install. Most should take a matter of minutes to set up. If a system’s set-up seems too onerous or complicated, then the company has not fully considered the needs of their clientele. The installation should be easy or provided free-of-charge. They should also provide long-term, 24/7 technical support.

Another element to consider is the company’s history and reputation. There are companies who have been in the business of medical alert systems for decades. These companies know their business and are more likely to have proven equipment. The company that only started offering medical alarms in the past couple of years is less likely to thoroughly understand the needs of their clients. The new company is also less likely to have amassed positive testimonials – do a simple Google search to find out what others say about the company and the services offered.

One cannot forget to think about the alert system itself. Medical alert systems are employing some of the latest technology such as online monitoring for family or friends, fall detection and compatibility with a cell phone. These bells and whistles might convince the technology-loving user that the system is exceptional, but these features can be both costly and complicated. When evaluating the various systems’ features, consider how it will be used on an everyday basis. Also remind yourself of the main reason why you decided to invest in a medical alarm system. Many no-frills systems are effective and of excellent quality.

Finally, it is important to consider the medical alarm equipment. For example, you may want to find out how long the battery lasts and what will happen if the equipment needs repairing. You will also want to consider the range of the equipment – if the user is out in their garden, will the unit still work?

With all the options available for medical alert systems, a decision can feel overwhelming. But it is important to remember that medical alarms have been around for a while. They are a simple technology that does not need to cost more than a dollar a day. Stick with reputable companies with proven systems and equipment.