Medical Advantages of Hormone Therapy

There are several ways on how we can stop the cancer cells from invading other important organs of the body. As long as the patient cooperates, the methods are really specialized and tested to have considerable effects. If we set aside the complications and side effects of the different kinds of therapies, there are methods that are less harsh but create a slow response from the patient.An example of the less harsh method is hormonal therapy. As the term suggests, it uses hormones. How does it stop the cancer from spreading? We will be discussing the details of how hormonal therapy helps in the total elimination of the cancer cells out of the body.

Hormonal therapy is another cancer cell-removal method apart from the typical radiation therapy and surgery. We know very well that the prostate gland constitute the male reproductive system. At the same time, it aids in the secretion of sexual hormones of the body.Say for instance, testosterone is one type of sexual hormone produced naturally. Since prostate gland is one piece within the sexual reproductive system of the body, it aids in the secretion of testosterone. This is just the positive side of the prostate.

On the other hand, the production of testosterone, which is a category of male hormones, fuels the growth of cancer cells within the prostate. To prevent the cancer cells from spreading rapidly throughout the body, the production of these sexual hormones should be put to halt.

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Hormonal therapy is employed to block the production of hormones of the body to lessen the risk of cancer cell growth. At the same time, while blocking the secretion of these hormones, it can lead the body to gradually cope to the changes of the body processes little by little.There are four different ways in implementing the medications to block the secretion of the hormones. The first process is the blocking of the androgen. This process includes medication and injections to block the androgen secretion. It is also known as anti-androgen process.

Another medication employed is called the LH-RH agonists. The third one is directed to the adrenal gland of the body. Remember that adrenal gland is the gland responsible of secreting hormones for reflex reaction and emergency hormones as well. Since the hormonal process is to block all types of hormones, the medication should target the gland that produces the hormone.

Another medication is directed towards the estrogen hormone.Basically, the hormonal therapy will put a block on the glands that carry out and have a big role in the secretion of the hormones in the body. Since these glands are the key to making the therapy a success, it is very essential to start from it to eliminate the hormones totally.On the other hand, it is a gradual process and requires patience. Since vital body functions and processes are affected, it is deemed necessary to make it a gradual change to allow the body to adjust to the changes and cope with it. Hormonal therapy is one way to stop the growth of cancer cells, if other methods are not applicable.